Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Other Half of Christmas

When we got home from Hawaii, the rest of the kids came for a Christmas visit. It was fun to get to watch them open their presents, and of course opening ours from them too. Kind of like having two Christmases.
Holli, John and Rhys were the first ones here. In fact, they arrived before we did!
I searched all over for a Superman action figure for Rhys (did you know they are kinda hard to find?) but in the meantime he decided he REALLY liked Batman.............Kids! However, he did end up liking Superman too.
Hillari, Keith and the kids stopped on their way home from Spokane, WA where they spent Christmas with Keith's family, so they were kind of anxious to get home after being gone so long. They didn't stay long, but we had some fun with them before they left. This is Isaac with his racer car.
 I was a little worried about getting Sareny this doll (sometimes she likes to think she is older than she is.....) but she loved it! That made me happy.
I knew Finley would love her "Punzel" doll. At least that's what she calls it. It's actually Rapunzel, and it sings and everything. I don't know where Keith was hiding out, but I don't think we got any pictures of him.
Jake and Liz got here with the boys. Charlie doesn't look all that excited, but he really was.
I knew Josh needed some new Superman PJ's, since his old ones had holes in the knees bigger than he is! He does love his Superman pajamas, so hopefully he will love the new ones too.
Have you ever tried to get six little kidos to look at the camera and smile, all at the same time? It's impossible...........

We finally gave up.
But we tried posing them in front of the giant blow up Santa and got this cute picture.
Our dear friends, Paul and Michelle and their kids came to spend the night on their way home from California.
We all had fun dancing with the wii.
Lexi with Rhys and Caddy.
Jake and Josh
And then we had a pretty darn fun New Year's Eve party!
We had lots of good food.........
Played Up and Down the River.........
And stayed up way too late.
We had lots of fun and enjoyed everyone so much! Soon after New Year's Day, they all went home except the Ronquillo's, who stayed for a few more days.
We went to Valley of Fire with them, and had a fun time showing it all to Rhys.


We went on this cool hike.
Rhys loved hiding in all the nooks and crannies and then jumping out and "spooking" us when we came by.
He is a cute little bug. We had good visits with everyone, and all too soon it was back to school and the holidays were over. But as you can see, we had a great time with our family! 


cassidy said...

Yay! I'm so glad you posted again! I love seeing all of these pics, even if they were from many months ago! I would love it if we could make it out for Christmas this year, since it's always so fun when everyone gets together.

holli jo said...

So many cute pictures! We had a fun time seeing you guys during the holidays. Sad we're going to miss it this year. :(