Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pie Face

I'm not really ready to continue our Family Easter Saga quite yet, but here is a pretty cool picture of Jeff getting a pie in the face the other day at school. Last week was FFA week and one of the activities was throwing a pie at a few of the favorite teachers. It was real whipped cream (tasty, according to him) and you can tell by the way he is licking his fingers.
But some kid snuck up from behind and got him, so he didn't have any warning, causing his eyes to be wide open. He had a greasy film over his eyes for a while afterwards!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Beach Bum Returns

We just had a wonderful week and a half with our family visiting, and if you've read Hillari's blog you already know all about it. But I thought I would share a few pictures also. First, Cassidy flew in from Hawaii. We have not seen her since August, so it was great to see her! James couldn't come with her, so we missed him. Here she is at the airport.
We had a few days before the rest of the family was coming, so we made the most of it. We had a list, and we finished everything on our list before it was time for her to go back home!

First we ground our own wheat and made whole wheat bread. (Little red hens!)

Looks pretty good, don't you think? Next, Cass wanted to learn to embroidery. So we started making some new dishtowels for her. She caught on quick, and soon mastered the art, even the dreaded knot tying! We finished them with our initials and the year so that she could look back at them someday and remember our time together.

We also wanted to have some lunches and dinners outside on the patio, and managed to do that a few times.

If you're wondering what Jeff was doing all this time, he stayed pretty busy too. Here he is working hard in the back yard. But he did manage to sample some bread, and have lunch with us!
Cass wanted to make a craft of some kind, so she made one of the Noel block sets I made at Christmas time, since they don't have very many Christmas decorations. Hers turned out very cute.
The next day we went to the Temple. The Temple in Hawaii is closed for a year and a half for renovations, so Cassidy was anxious to go.
We had also cooked up an elaborate scheme to surprise her with her older sister Holli Jo flying in from Atlanta. I told a white lie and said we had to go to the airport to pick up a friend. The problem was, having known for weeks that Holli was coming, I had accidently almost given it away so many times that I thought for sure Cass had figured it out and was just playing along with us. The real truth is (as she later admitted) she just thought I was losing it when I would say something strange, mentioning Holli and then make up some lame excuse as to why I said it. You don't know how hard it was not to blow it!!! Anyway, the suprise was fabulous, and she insisted she never once thought Holli was coming. (Just that her Mom was off her nut.)
It was so fun to see the surprise on Cassidy's face. It was also joyous to see Holli Jo and her little boy Rhys. We have not seen them since Christmas, so it was time! Holli's husband John couldn't come either, so he was missed as well.

Little Rhys is the cutest little butter ball. He was so full of smiles the whole week he was with us, even though he had a bad cold.

Some other things we did were scrapbook, paint our toenails and fingernails, and I taught Cass and Holli how to crochet Grandma's famous scrubbies. We had such a good time, and Cass was thrilled with her crafts. This is where this blog is going to end. The rest of the family came a little later, and we had many more fun things I want to share, but that will be in the next blog.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Second Annual Scrap-a-thon

After we had such a grand time last year at my dear friend Patty's lovely cabin in the mountains, scrapbooking to our heart's content, we decided to make it a yearly tradition. So each year in March me, Debbie, and Patty make the trek. We have the best time! Patty is the most generous, fun, and kind person ever. She and Debbie are so fun to be with, and Patty is so sweet to share her cabin and anything else she has, with us.
Debbie and Patty hard at work.
Me and Debbie. Patty has a whole room set up as a scrapbook room and has every gadget known to the scrapping world. Plus there was always chocolate, a necessary ingredient for thinking up great page iedeas. It was great!

Yes, we stayed up way too late scrapbooking. That is pretty much what we did the entire weekend, and only those who love to scrapbook would understand how much fun we had, or why we were willing to stay up until 3:30 a.m. (or 4:30 a.m. as we did the next two nights!)

Consequently we looked like this the next day........

This year Patty added a new twist to our fun.......the Scrapbook Challenge. She made up identical kits for each of us, with paper, embellishments, etc. and we had one hour to complete our layouts. Everybody was a "winner" and it was fun to see what different layouts we each came up with. I love my friends Debbie and Patty, and hope we can continue our tradition for many years to come.