Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We're Going to State!!!!

We had a play off game last Saturday, and we won! (43 to zip!) It was a beautiful day for a game, and it's always fun when you win. Here's Jeff during the game with his headphones on.

Heading to "the talk" at half time
Doug, Lewy and Jeff.
Us after the game. We always join the team in singing the fight song in front of the stands after each game, win or lose.

Jeff singing "We Are the Pirates" with the boys after the game, which is tradition when we win.
I wanted a picture of all the coaches, and I asked them to cuddle up a little so I could fit them all in the picture. This is what I got:
We got a picture of the wives too. We started laughing because it looked so funny to see all our husbands lined up taking our picture. (you had to be there; it really did look funny, especially when Shane started pretending to be a professional photographer.)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Charlie's Blessing

After Mom's birthday party on Oct. 24th, we headed up to Lehi for little Charles Merrick Keel's baby blessing the next day. Charlie was so sweet and cute in his blessing outfit, and was a very good boy during the actual blessing and during the rest of the meeting. Afterwards we went back to Jake and Liz's for a lovely brunch. Liz did a great job with the food for the brunch, and it was delicious.

Lexi and her nephews, Charlie and Josh. I gave Josh Jake's old "Wicket" and he totally fell in love with it! He wouldn't put it down for any of the pictures.

Sweet little Charlie with Grammy Jo and Tia Lexi.

I have to wear a "boot" on my foot at night, and Josh came out of our room with the boot on his head! It was hilarious.
Lexi is such a good Auntie! And beautiful too. Can you believe the darling smile we snapped of Charlie? Perfect!
These are all the men who participated in the blessing. Liz's Dad, Grandpa, and brothers (including one brother-in-law) were all able to be there. She's lucky to have her family all pretty close.
Joshie with his cheesey grin.
What a cute little family. We're so glad we were able to be there for Charlie's special day. Thanks Jake and Liz for letting us stay, and also for planning the blessing when we were able to be there. We love you guys!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mom's 80th Birthday

On Saturday, October 24th we had a birthday bash for my sweet Mom's 80th birthday. My sis and I planned everything, and made a slide show and scrap book for Mom. Everyone helped with the food, and we all met at the Scipio Church for a day to honor her. Thanks goes to Rod for cooking his specialty meat for us all, to Suzanne for doing the table decorations, to Dee Ray for the delicious ice cream cakes, and to my Sis who bought all the food and the gift. The day turned out fabulous!

Me and my little Mom, who I always have to bend down to hug or kiss!

Lexi and Jake and Liz and their two boys were the only ones of my kids who were able to attend. The other kids sent their love to their Grandma with a page for the scrap book we made her. Here is Lexi with Mom and Dad.

This is all my Aunts and Uncles on my Mom's side. I was really glad they could all make it to the party.

My Sister, Shelley, Mom and Me.

My sibs DeVon, Dallen, Shelley, Mom, Dad, Me, and Rod, the baby.

The best part of the whole day was Dad playing "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" for Mom on his harmonica. She started to cry and went over and hugged him, and he hugged her back while still playing his harmonica with one hand. I loved it.

We all went in together and got Mom a flat screen TV for her livingroom, which is where she always ends up watching TV. (Dad always watches boring stuff like cattle auctions! Seriously, I have been there and seen him watching that.) So they end up watching in different rooms. Thanks goes to Josh for getting the new TV all hooked up and doing a tutorial so Mom and Dad can actually use it!

This is our new little Grandson, Charlie. He's a cutie.

Jake and Liz with Josh and Charlie. Charlie wasn't too happy in either of these pictures, but he really was a good boy that day. We sure do love those two boys!
I love my Mom and I am so grateful for all she has taught me. She is the greatest example of love and selflessness I have ever seen. I'm glad her day turned out to be wonderful. Thanks for the memories, Mom and Happy to You!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lexi's Visit

A couple of weekends ago, Lexi came home for a quick weekend visit to watch the volleyball team play and also watch the football team that her Dad helps coach.
I love it when she comes home to see us! She has no problem hanging out with us and doing things with us. The problem is, we usually plan way too many activities, and only get to do about half of them! But we have lots of fun.
Jeff took us on a super long, but fun, Ranger ride, and it is the only thing we took pictures of the entire weekend, so here are the few pictures commemorating the fun time we had:

Me and Lexi in our cool "Clicks."

Lexi and her Dad. We saw some really beautiful rock formations and pretty desert colors and scenery.

We did some other fun things, like grind wheat and make the world's flatest bread loaves and cinnamon rolls. We ate them anyway ("we eat em cuz we was hungry" sorry, family joke.) and they tasted pretty good, just looked funny. Lexi always brings a ton of laundry home, so we did that while we watched a movie. I love having Lexi come home for visits.............makes me wish she was still around all the time!