Monday, October 26, 2009

My Favorite Time of Year

A few weeks ago for my birthday we made our yearly trek to see some fall color. It worked out that we had a bye in football that weekend, so we even got to stay two nights! It was also conference weekend, so we didn't have to go home until Sunday afternoon. We listened to conference on the radio, and watched some of it at the motel. We took off Friday after work, and got up Saturday morning and headed up the canyon.
This was taken at Cedar Breaks. It was beautiful, but really windy and super cold.
The color display was a little disappointing. It was much prettier last year. Not sure why.
We still saw some pretty scenery. Lots of yellow and orange, but not much red.
Even though we had to search for them, we still had lots of fun looking for leaves and driving through some beautiful country.
When we got back to town we met up with my sis and her husband. We went to a couple of antique stores and browsed around, went to Robert's, of course, and went out to dinner and had the best steaks ever, then rode around some more and saw some more pretty leaves, and a beautiful view of the city. We headed back to the motel and stayed up until 2:00 a.m. playing Phase 10. Can you believe it?!
Mom and Dad met us the next morning and we all had lunch together. It was fun to see family and be with them for awhile. We should do things like this more often!