Friday, January 23, 2009


Traditionally we go to visit the Provo/Lehi kids on "Milk Day", which is what I call Martin Luther King Day (get it, MLK?) We spent the weekend at Jake and Lizzie's new home, and had a great time. Lexi was there with us as well. It was so fun to see everyone, especially our little Josh, and also see for the first time, their new home in Lehi. It is really beautiful. Jake and Liz, you guys did a great job with picking out all the new house stuff! It was really pretty up there with all the snow and the frozen trees, and we didn't get one picture of the house, or the trees! Don't know what we were thinking. This is a picture of Josh playing in the snow in the park directly behind their house. We usually go tubing each year, but it was super cold, plus Jeff cracked a rib tubing last year, so I wasn't too keen on him doing that. (and if you saw a previous blog from last August, he cracked the rib again with that stunt at the back to school party.)
Here are a few pictures from our outing at the park. That's Jake's house behind us, so I guess we did get a picture, kind of.

Josh got to be pulled around on the sled.

I'm so glad Lexi got to stay there all weekend with us so we could be with her too. She's having a good time this year!
One of our other outings was going to the Bean Museum on BYU campus. Joshie loved the animals. Of course Josh loves his Bampa too. He was always saying "Where Bampa?" But he did talk about "Doe" now and again. (that's me, he just leaves off the Grammy part!) And just when he was letting me hold him and get some hugs and kisses, we had to leave for home.
Cute little family.

We had such a good time. Thanks Jake and Liz for making us welcome!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Way We Were

On Monday we went to the funeral of our good friend, John Whicker in Payson. He was Dad's best man at our wedding, and Dad was his. Here they are looking young and dapper in their tux's on our wedding day, August 10, 1973. We have lost someone who made us laugh and always had a smile and a joke. John knew how to enjoy life and make others happy. On the front of the funeral program it said "I can't wait til tomorrow" something John always said. It seemed quite appropriate for a funeral. But his punch line was "Because I get better looking every day!" John taught us that we should love life and live every minute of it, so I can't wait til tomorrow either. Thanks for the memories, John.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Way We Were

I decided to steal an idea from Linds for my blog. I love her "Flashback Friday" blogs and decided to do a similar one each week on mine. I am calling mine "The Way We Were", and I may not do it every week, but that's my goal.
This one is a picutre of Jeff and I during Christmas of 1971.