Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend At Home

Since I didn't get to spend any time with my parents at Christmas time, I decided to go up to visit them the weekend of Martin Luther King Day. I got there Friday evening with all my plunder so Mom and I and Lexi could have a fun weekend together. I have been in a sewing mood lately, and am in love with aprons, so when Mom asked what we were going to do I suggested a sewing weekend. She was game (she's always lots of fun and up for most things) so Lexi came Saturday morning and we had the best weekend together. I brought fabric and notions and my sewing machine and we set up shop. Everyone picked out fabric for an apron and we got busy. Here's Mom ironing her completed apron. My Mom taught me to love sewing, as she has always been a fabulous seamstress, but she's 80 now so I had to help her along a little. But she did great, as you can see.

Lexi is just learning to sew, although she finished a darling quilt earlier in the year. She really wanted to do it herself, and I was proud of her. I didn't have to help much.

My Mom is the best cook, even still, and I'm sure she will put her apron to good use. She cooks my Dad a full breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and oatmeal every morning, come heck or high water!

Mom and Dad wanted us to try their favorite Mexican restaurant in Salina. I have to admit, it was pretty good! Dad turned his head right when I snapped the picture, and I think he did it on purpose. He said he was a little embarrassed that I took a picture! One thing I loved about the weekend is the softer side I saw of my Dad. He was kind of cute and kept bringing all of us little plates of goodies and a diet Coke every now and then as we were sewing. I was quite touched by his thoughtfulness!

Lexi and Mom modeling their new aprons. I didn't have mine made yet, so I took the picture.

Mom's brother had given her a dominoes set for Christmas and she wanted to learn how to play it, so we got quite involved playing Mexican Train. We kept changing the rules though, so I'm sure Mom was confused by the end. We had so much fun Lexi didn't want to leave Sunday night, but she finally had to so she could go to work Monday morning.

Here's a little display of our crafts we made. We made dish towels and little zippered pouches that are really cute as well as the aprons. The pouches have clear vinyl on the front so you can see what's in them, and are so handy to keep little stuff in, and very fun to make.

This was right before Lexi left to go home. We had fun finding her a nerd outfit for her FHE "Nerd Fest" and I wish we would have taken a picture of her outfit. It was the bomb. Mom had just the perfect denim, elastic waist pants that were too short for Lexi and showed her ankle socks off to a T. I later heard she was the hit of the Nerd Fest too!

We had the paper boy take this picture just as I was about to leave on Monday. I enjoyed the weekend so much. I love my parents more than I can say, and do love spending time with them. I wish I lived closer to them! Shortly after this picture, I left and Mom and Dad went to move some hay for the cows, and Mom suffered a serious injury when the pickup truck accidently started rolling back and ran over her right leg. We all consider it a miracle that she was not injured worse than she was. There were no broken bones, but much tissue damage, bruising and swelling. She has been laid up for three weeks now, but is slowly doing much better. We are so grateful that she is going to be okay. Life can change in a minute, which makes me want to spend time with all the ones I love as much as I can. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Lexi for a memorable weekend!