Sunday, September 12, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

In lieu of Christmas presents this year for all of you, we got a new air conditioner/heat pump when ours went out in the middle of the hottest summer ever. Here are some pictures so you can enjoy your gift. You will also appreciate it when you come to visit.

We had to hire a crane to place it on the house. I kept thinking how much the grandkids would love watching this. Especially Isaac and Josh.

Seriously, this was a very expensive little purchase. Am I kidding about it instead of presents? You'll just have to wait and see!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

JUNE........ the rest of the story

In mid-June we went with the Young Women in our Ward to Manti to do baptisms for the dead, and to see the pageant. We had such a great time. The previous October we had challenged the girls to read the book of Mormon by June right before we were to go to the pageant. Jeff and I both were abe to do it, and it made the pageant so much more meaningful and special because we had just read about all those things. Here we all are in front of the Temple. (the one Jeff and I were married in, by the way.) Patty and Bob were gracious enough to let all the crew stay at their cute little "farm". I wish I would have taken some pictures of their cute place, but I didn't. They took all of us to lunch and bought pizza for everyone. Someday I hope to be as generous and kind as they are!

Jeff and I went back to the Temple the next day after the Young Women left to go home, and did a session, since we were staying up there with Mom and Dad and then heading to the Q. Reunion. We always love to do a session there in the summer and remember our wedding day........

Next came the annual Don and Phyllis Quarnberg Family Reunion Extravaganza! These are the two people who started it all: my parents, who I love dearly.

One of the highlights of the weekend together was the "Dutch Oven Cook Off." Some of us aren't that into dutch oven cooking, so it was stretch for us. Jeff and I were assigned to cook some kind of bread. Rod and Kim's kitchen began to resemble an episode of "Iron Chef" as we all started scurrying around yelling for stuff, or calling for the time.

These peeps were assigned to do a main course. They came up with the winner, actually. It was pulled pork sandwiches on scones, with a really yummy sauce Matt mysteriously called "gold sauce."

Me and my baby brother, Rod.

Jeff and the guys monitoring the dutch ovens. I'm thinking maybe we should dutch oven more often. Anything that gets the guys to do the cooking!

Here is mine and Jeff's finished product. Yummy rolls filled with garlic and cheese we dubbed "Pirate Rolls." Is anybody surprised at that name? They were a big hit and we won the bread division! Of course there were only two entries, but still.

The panel of judges tasting all the entries and rating them.

Everybody had plenty to eat, and then we sat around and talked and enjoyed each other's company.

Dal and Dad each read an original cowboy poem, and then Dad played his harmonica, which is always a treat. I think we all realize he won't always be around to play for us, and that makes it even more precious. I took some pictures of that, but they are on another camera and I can't get the pictures.

Lexi was the only one of our kids who could make it this year, which was a bummer, but we still had fun. We always enjoy being with her, and she still loves to be with us, which makes us happy. Here she is spending some special time with her Grandma.

Another highlight is always the day spent at the new K-Town pool. It really is one of the funnest pools I've seen.

Most of the adults didn't swim, so here they all are, huddled around a big umbrella trying to stay cool.

We found some shade with a back rest!

Well, all too soon the weekend came to a close. We always have so much fun together. Rod and Kim have been so good to host the thing every year for the last 10 years or so. It has always been a ton of work for them, so this is the last year we will hold it at their house. Hopefully we can find someplace as fun for next year! Thanks Rod and Kim for everything you  have done for us all!