Saturday, December 19, 2009

Turkey Day

I am finally finding time to sit down and blog about our Thanksgiving weekend. Some of our kids and grandkids were able to come home for the holiday, and we had a great time. We had to do web cam phone calls with Cassidy, James, and Truman, and Holli, John, and Rhys. We missed them, but we were glad we could talk to them and see them, even if it wasn't in person. Sorry, I have a lot of pictures..............
This first one is one with the grandkids on a little outing we took.

We even saw Jake Travolta!!!!

Lexi and I trying to do a teen model sis pose.

The girls and grandkids.

Me and Finley on the dock when we went to feed the fish.

A cute cousins picture.

Keith helping Finley feed the fish. Can you believe that big swarm of hungry fish?!

Lexi, Sareny and Isaac trying not to let the ducks hog all the bread.

We saw two amazing herds of bighorn sheep. It was so cool.

Hillari and Lexi working on a sewing project.

We got out the marble works game and the grandkids had a blast!

Trying to get them all to sit still AND smile AND look at the camera at the same time is pretty much impossible...........

Matt and Donna came over for dinner. I hope Matt hates this picture. He wouldn't look at the camera.

Lexi and cute little Charlie.

Charlie, Finley and Bampa.

The kids decorated Christmas cookies. I just had to get a picture of them, expecially Isaac's, which is the green one in the bottom right corner with gobs of frosting on it! He was so proud of it. And somebody actually ate it because by the end of the weekend, they were all gone. Of course it could have been him!

Everyone had a name tag at the dinner table.

The centerpiece was really pretty. Thanks goes to Lexi for gathering all the acorns and chestnuts on BYU campus for me!

Of course the kids had to go on several Ranger rides with Bampa.

The last night there was a basketball game, alumni vs. the high school basketball team. Jake was one of the stars of the alumni game. They were all pretty good! And they won. I can't remember the score. It was fun to watch.
Jeff and Gary Batchelor were the coaches for the alumni, so he got to coach Jake one last time!
What a fun weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did!