Monday, August 8, 2011

Gold Butte

Jeff and I recently decided we should go see Gold Butte, since we have lived here for so long and never taken the time to go there and see what it looks like. We loaded up the Ranger on the trailer, and headed off. Yes, strangely enough, Big Red actually still runs AND pulls a trailer.
I wish I had a picture of me wrapped up in the dirty old blanket we found in the back of Big Red, that had been there for a few years. (I was desperate!) It was actually cold there!
Anyway, we discovered that Gold Butte is a pretty interesting place. Here I am in front of this huge sink hole, called Devil's Throat. It was really wide and deep, and kind of amazing.

There were lots of strange rock formations all over the place. Some of them looked like gigantic pebbles or river rocks stacked on top of each other.
It was lots cooler than these pictures make it look. These rocks aren't that big, but some of them were HUGE!

We had a picnic and drove all over the place and had a really fun day. And now we can say that we've been to Gold Butte.