Monday, September 3, 2012

Hike to St. Thomas

We decided to hike to St. Thomas again one Monday for Family Home Evening. It was quite cold, so we bundled up good and made the trek. It's always so interesting to see the old foundations of the town, now that the waters of Lake Mead have receded so much.
There were a few things that we hadn't seen before. One of them was a well that had names and dates carved into the cement inside. I'm wondering why we didn't take a picture, but it seems like our camera went dead or something. Anyway, that was really cool.
Here we are on the steps of the old school house. President Messer and Corrine came along and took this picture for us. Apparently they had the same idea for FHE.


cassidy said...

Fun! It looks super cold, though! But a trip to St. Thomas is always pretty cool. The names and dates carved into the inside of the well sounds really neat. What a fun FHE.

ba san said...
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