Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm A Little Behind . . .

I haven't had much time to update recently, but I didn't want to pass over Jeff's Mom's 80th birthday party, which we were in charge of planning. I was quite stressed out about the whole thing, but now that it is over I think I can say that it all went over very well.

The two things that I really stressed over were a slide show that I put together of pictures from her life, which in the end turned out quite nice, if I do say so myself; the second thing was a scrap book that I made, and asked all the guests to bring a favorite memory of her to the party, and then I put them all together in the book for her. I spent hours on it, and I just barely finished putting all the memories and pictures in it this weekend. I love how it turned out, and I hope she will realize all the time and love (not to mention money) that went in to the making of it. Sometimes people who don't scrap book don't realize how much of yourself you put in to something like that! Anyway, everything was fabulous, and I am definitely glad it is over.

Here we are working in the kitchen.

Lexi has always looked a lot like her Grandma with her dark hair and brown eyes. Dawnetta was also a very pretty girl at Lexi's age.

It was really a nice day, and it was fun to see everyone and visit with people we hardly ever see. Hillari and Keith aren't in this picture because they had to get on the road to Washington.

After the party and inevitable clean up afterward, Jeff, me, and Lexi headed to Salt Lake where we spent the night at my sister's house, then got up early the next morning to go to the first session of the Sunday session of General Conference.

Lexi and I with our umbrellas. It was rainy and cold!

After the session, in front of the conference Center.

I love going to Conference and being right there in the same room with the Prophet. And I have to say that Mo-Tab sounds way better in person! After the session we went to see Jake and Liz's new house that is under construction, and have dinner. We took Lexi to her apartment, said goodbye to her, then we headed to Scipio to spend Sunday night at Mom and Dad's and visit with them Monday. I don't get to see my parents often enough, and nothing makes me happier than to be with them in Scipio. Dad came in from working and suggested we go up to the Lake to check on some cows, so we piled in his truck and went to the Lake. But he kept on driving and ended up at Maple Grove, one of my favorite places in the Fall. I wonder if he knew how much I would love to do something like that? We were only sorry we didn't stop to pack a picnic. Here are a few pics of the beautiful fall leaves.
This is my Mom and Dad, Don and Phyllis.

Me and my honey.

We had a great time and a fun weekend, but we were pretty tired and glad to get home Monday night.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Was Tagged

Recently Gina tagged me and I was supposed to post the 4th picture in my 4th folder, so here goes:

Well look at this. It turned out to be this darling photo of little Finley Lynn. She was only a couple of weeks old in this picture, and I love this little strawberry outfit that I gave her, and which Lexi makes fun of! I think she looks cute as heck.

The other thing I was supposed to do is tell 6 quirky things about myself: (This is hard!)

1. I am a germ freak. I don't like to share drinks, and I refuse to touch anything in a public restroom, including but not limited to: the door knob (I use a paper towel or wait for someone else to open it. I have stood pretending I was primping in front of the mirror so I could wait for the lady washing her hands next to me to open the door, then I make a run for the door!), the faucet, (again, paper towel. And get enough so you can dry your hands after washing.), the toilet seat (hover), and the toilet flusher (I use my foot, or tissue.) I would NEVER set my purse on the floor or counter. Needless to say, the touch free faucets and self flushing toilets are my friends.

2. I am afraid of the dark and always have been. I hate to be alone at night. If Jeff is away I have to leave a light on all night, and I never sleep good. If I am home alone at night, I almost can't force myself to go downstairs in my basement. It always amazed me that my kids could stand to sleep down there ALL BY THEMSELVES, and were never scared. P.S. I don't think they know this about me. Guess they do now.

3. Fall is my favorite season and I love the changing of the leaves. Unfortunately where we live we don't get much color, so we make an annual trek up to Cedar City for my birthday if we can, where I get to see the beautiful reds, golds, browns etc. I love it!

4. I collect Nativity Scenes. I have some really unique ones. I have a beautiful one Holli brought home from China; Jake brought me one from Chile. Hillari gave me a Hawiian one, and one year Keith made me a chocolate one! I have bought them on trips we have taken, and I have several that I made myself. I treasure each one. Even though it is a lot of work to get them all out each Christmas, I still love to display them.

5. I love potato chips, especially flavored ones like BBQ or Chili Cheese. My all time favorites are the really thick ones that are salt and vinegar falvored. Mmmmmmm! But I almost never buy them. I can't have them in the house or I eat them!

6. I have to keep my toenails and fingernails painted at all times. I do them myself, and I am religious about it. I do my fingernails once a week, and my toenails about once a month, depending on how long the previous job lasts. Sometimes it is longer than that. I especially love shades of pink polish.

Okay, that's it. As if everyone didn't think I was pretty weird already...................Now you know all my quirks. I am tagging Lexi, Holli, Cass, and Hillari (even though Gina already tagged her and she hasn't done it yet.) Get on it girls!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy Times

For any of you who think that once you are our age, things slow down and you get to enjoy life more, think again. We have been so busy this is the first I have had to share a few pictures with you. First of all, Jake, Liz, and Josh came to visit a few weeks ago.
I love this picture of Joshie. He was so fun this weekend. Of course, like all the grandkids, he loves his Bampa best, but he did warm up to me a little too!

This was a couple of weeks ago when it was still pretty hot, so in the early evening we took Josh outside to play for a bit. I thought this was a pretty cool picture of Jake and Liz, if not for our neighbors lovely dumpster in the background..........But even still.

Joshie and Bampa playing football. Josh loves, and I mean loves, footballs and basketballs. As long as he has one in each hand, he is happy and needs no other toys. Also when you ask him something and he doesn't know what you're talking about, or even if he does, he says "basketball." He's so darn cute!