Sunday, June 24, 2012

Give Thanks

Yeah, it's the end of June and I'm blogging about Thanksgiving........Lame! I would just skip it, but in case I ever want to make this blog into a book, I would't want any gaps. So my goal is to keep it really short. Just pick out a few fav pics, and git er done. The thing I am afraid of is that they are ALL my fav pics. I love the one below. This is some of the grandkids patiently waiting for dinner and watching Isaac hang a spoon from his nose like Bampa taught him.
We had Hillari's family, Jake's family, Lexi, and the Noto family for dinner, which was served buffet style because we had to set up two tables.
Lexi, Megan and Ashley had to sit at the kid table. But they ARE still kids aren't they? In fact they actually enjoyed the kid table.
Here are a few more pictures from the day:

We set up an outdoor movie in the back yard and bundled up in every quilt and blanket that I own (and a few sleeping bags as well!) and watched the movie Elf. For the first time in my life, I wasn't the one complaining about being cold. I was actually quite comfortable. And in case you think I was hogging all the blankets, I wasn't! We don't have any pictures of the actual movie watching because we were all snuggled in our blankets and no one wanted to get out to take pics.
The next morning before Jake and Liz and their boys had to leave, we had fun making gingerbread houses. Tons of thanks to Hill and Keith for making all the gingerbread pieces and supplying most of the candy. We always have so much fun making these together.

We didn't think to take this finished picture until after Jake and Liz had left, so that's why they're missing.
Then Bampa got the Christmas tree ready so the grandkids could help decorate it.

I think Finley had the most fun. She stood on my little step stool and placed every ornament she could get her hands on in the same spot right in front of the stool.
It was a lovely time with the family that could be here. We always miss the ones who can't, and I dream of one day when they will all live close enough to be together on Thanksgiving. I will end the post with one last picture of Bampa with three of the grandkids clamboring all over him. He is such a good grandpa!!