Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Visit From Jake, Liz and Boys

In September Jake, Liz and the boys came to visit on their way to her family reunion. It was fun to have them here, even though it was a short visit. They also stopped on their way home, so we got to see them twice!
We had fun on the patio with the bubble machine and the slide.
Josh and Charlie are such fun loving little boys. They loved the bubble machine, but when they would get interested in something else, I would turn it off to save the batteries. But as soon as I did, one of them would notice, and run over and turn it back on! Charlie love doing the teeter totter all by himself. We tried to show him how you can do it with two, but he would have none of that!
Charlie was content with the smaller slide................
But Josh prided himself on going down the big, semi scary slide. This slide has been around since their Dad was a kid, and is seriously high. There is no way it would pass the safety standards of today, so Josh's bravery was justified. 
They even managed to fit in a Ranger ride.
It was so fun to have them here for a couple of days. These last pictures are on Sunday morning and the boys are in their pajamas. I wish you could see the big holes in Josh's superman pj's! He loves those pajamas so much, and won't part with them, though the knees are shot.
We sure do love these two cute little boys. They light up our lives.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Sollenberger Classic

I realize that it's February and I am just now blogging about August, but I am trying to get caught up. I know it would be easier to just start from now, but I can't. That just seems wrong. So here goes.
Football started early this year because we were invited to play in the Sollenberger Classic in Arizona. It was pretty exciting because we got to play in this stadium.
It's the University of Phoenix Stadium where the Arizona Cardinals play.
We stayed at the Arizona Biltmore, a ritzy hotel that was build in the 1920's or maybe 30's, not quite sure. It was a really cool hotel where all the movie stars and famous people used to stay, and it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Lexi was visiting us, so she got to come with us, and Hill and Keith and the kids came and visited us each day and took advantage of the really awesome swimming pool right outside our door.
We had so much fun swimming with the kids. There was a really cool slide that everybody loved, but it took me and Finley a while to appreciate it.
You can tell Sareny is having a great time!
The first night we had an exclusive tour of the stadium, which would have been much more enjoyable if I hadn't developed blisters on my heels from all the walking (in my new shoes I bought when all the wives went shopping). Still, it was really interesting and lots of fun.
Here we are in the Cardinal's team room.
That night they had a banquet for us and the speaker was Randall McDaniel, former Arizona State and Vikings player. Afterwards Lexi met him and had him sign her T-shirt. The next day we went swimming again, and then it was time for the big game. We were able to get tickets for Hill and Keith and the kids and it was fun to have them come. We played an Arizona school called Show Low. They were supposed to be a really good team, nationally ranked and all, but we beat them! It was really a fun game and cool that we won.
Here are a few game pictures.
The cheering section. Our son-in-law's dad, also named John Ronquillo, was supportive and came to watch the game with us. I thought it was really nice of him.
Winning this game was really fun. It felt like winning state or something (almost!)
It was a fun weekend, and even more fun because we got to share it with Lexi and Hill and Keith and the kids. Plus it's always fun to win!