Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Fallstom's Visit

Hillari and the kids came for a visit in August and we spent the day in Las Vegas going to the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus. It wasn't quite Disneyland, or even Lagoon, but the kids had fun and that's all that matters.

They were just so cute riding on all the rides. Finley loves carousels, so she was happy on this one.
Isn't Isaac so cute!

Okay, I'm having blogging problems, so now my captions will be at the bottom of the picture they are describing. This ride ended up being a favorite of Isaac and Sareny, but poor Finley got super scared on it. It was kind of a kiddie version of Tower of Terror. Fin tried to be brave but ended up crying through most of it. We felt so bad for her! The other two loved it and went on it again and again.
The ever popular bumper cars.


After we left the Adventure Dome, we went to the Belagio to take the kids to see the fantastic gardens they have there.

This picture is kind of dark, but the gardens are really quite fabulous.

After that we took them outside to watch the water show, which is short but very cool.

These kiddos always have to have a bubble bath in Grammy's big tub.

Then came the infamous disaster of the Ranger Ride gone bad. We went to the Virgin River and got super douper stuck in the mud. We had to get creative and get arm loads of bushes for traction.........
and come up with this ingenious lifting system so I could shove the bushes under. We worked really hard, but what really got us out was Isaac saying prayers and asking for divine intervention! He was so cute, and said a prayer immediately when we knew we were stuck.
Then we managed to have some fun, including a water fight!

We had lots of fun while they were here for their visit. We took the kids to the Winnie the Pooh movie and swimming at the pool. We loved having them visit and doing some fun things with them before the whole back to school business started up again!