Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cassidy and Truman's Visit Continued........

Truman loved playing in the little wading pool. But only for a short time, then he would get out and wander around, burning his feet on the hot sidewalk, and getting grass all over himself and not liking it.
Finding Nemo.
For the Keel Reunion we spent the day at Cove Fort. It was fun to see everyone, since we don't get to see them very often, and I was glad they got to see Truman too. Most of them had never met him.
After we got there, I discovered that my Uncle Donnie and his wife were serving a mission there, so that was pretty fun!
For some reason, maybe because we were so busy chasing Truman around, we didn't take very many pictures. But here's Cass and Lex..........not sure what they were trying to do.
Next it was off to Phoenix to visit the Fallstroms. Of course we stopped at our favorite In N Out Burger on the way.
It was Isaac's birthday the day we arrived, so he got to open presents as soon as we got there.
Cute little Isaac. Happy to you!
One of the things we did while visiting was go watch Isaac and Sareny at their gymnastics class. It was so fun to see them trying different things, and feeling good about themselves.
Isaac's class was a combination of gymnastics and karate so we got to see him doing both. It was super cute to see him trying to kick and do the karate moves.
Sareny really loves her gymnastics class, and is pretty good at it.
I'm sure she loved having us all there watching her!
Hillari lives in a neighborhood with the best swimming pool. We love to take the kids there, so that was one of the fun things we did.
Hillari's three kids are all like little fishes. They swim every day, and are getting pretty good at it, even Finley.
Bampa and Truman
Sareny spent quite awhile just snuggled up to me while I talked with Hill and her friend. For not being a very cuddley baby, Sareny sure likes to snuggle now.
This shows the huge bucket that periodically dumps a ton of water on you if you aren't paying attention. I personally hated when that happened. And so did Truman, so he is completely happy watching from a distance!
We had so much fun during our visit. We went to see Cars 2 on our last day there. Truman is still too young to really love movies, so he got a little naughty after awhile. But he did see enough to totally love "Light-Mean Queen" and "Mainer" as he pronouces them. We stopped at Walmart on the way home and I bought him a Lightning McQeen and Mater and they became his new favorite cars. We left to come home on Finley's birthday, so before we went to the movie she got to open her presents. She was so cute.
Bampa helping Finley color. She is the best little "color-er" there is! She will sit with paper and crayons for hours. And she's pretty good at it for her age.

Playing with Finley's Marble Works set.

Me and two of my girls. My eyes may or may not have been closed in this picture. I really can't tell, and don't care at this point. I just want to get caught up on posts by Christmas!

Cass and I had made 4th of July outfits for the kiddos, so we tried to get a cute picture of me Bampa and I with our grandkids, but it was pretty hard to get one with everyone looking at the camera.
We had such a fun time visiting with the Fallstroms. We always have fun at their house, and love to see them and the kids. Stay tuned for the final post of Cass' summer visit.........

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cassidy and Truman Come to Visit!!!

We were excited to have Cassidy and Truman come to visit for five weeks while James was in Rhode Island at Officer Development Training for the Navy. We don't get to see them very often, so it was fun to see how Truman has grown. It was amazing how much he changed just in the five weeks he was with us! He loved Bampa's football hat.
And he loved a ride in Bampa's wheel barrow.

Cass and Tru got here around June 8th or so, and we wanted to have a hot dog roast before it got way hotter, so we cooked hot dogs and s'mores in the back yard. Tru loved them and ate at least three. Unfortunately, he got really sick during the night, and it was not pretty. We were hoping it was just too many hotdogs and not a flu bug because..............
We had planned a super fun trip to the happiest place on earth!

Lexi came down for the weekend, and we headed out. Sadly, right before we left Cass started feeling sick and we realized that Tru actually did have a flu bug............but what could we do but carry on? Poor Cass felt awful all the way to California. Fortunately the only other person to get it was me, and I had a much milder case of it. But the Keels would never let a little thing like the stomach flu ruin a trip to Dis! It was so fun to take Tru for his first time. He loved everything! (except Pirates of the Carribbean, which he hated.)

All but me squished into a tea cup.
Truman loved riding on Bampa's shoulders!
No doubt the highlight of the trip for Tru was meeting Mickey Mouse! He was in awe, as you can see.

Not to be out done, Lexi was pretty excited too!

After awhile, Tru wasn't quite so shy around the characters. He just ran right up and gave Pluto a big hug.

We lucked out and found a short line for Dumbo, so the kids hopped on it. Every kid has got to ride on Dumbo!

Truman in his new Mickey shirt with his "Mickey Buddy". We have a tradition of making Muddy Buddies when we go to Disneyland, and we call them Mickey Buddies instead. But since Cass was sick all the way there, then I was sick, we really couldn't enjoy our Mickey Buddies much, so we were pretty excited to eat them on the way home. Unfortunately when we opened the back of the car while loading stuff up, the Mickey Buddies fell out, the lid popped off, and they spilled all over the parking lot. We were so sad :(  But the cute thing is, Tru heard us talking about "Mickey Buddies" so much that he called his stuffed Mickey toy his Mickey Buddy. So cute!
Well, bloggerland has decided that I can't download anymore pictures, so I guess this is the end of my Disney post! Can I just say, sometimes I hate blogging! Especially when things don't work right.
But as you can see, we had a great time. I'm so glad we got to go. In spite of sickness and spilled treats, and it being summer and crowded, we managed to have such a wonderful time together. We're already wondering when we can go back!