Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Christmas Story

I guess it's time to do the Christmas post and get all caught up. Yay! I know it's February, and no one cares about Christmas anymore, but I need to document it. And this will most likely be a quick one because I kept forgetting to take pictures, and our camera flash wouldn't work, so no night time pictures..................
This year all the kids and grandkids were here, so we had lots of peeps, and lots of fun. Lexi got here first from BYU, then came Cass, James and Truman from Hawaii; the next day Holli, John and Rhys came from Georgia; the next day after that Hillari, Keith, Sareny, Isaac and Finley came from Arizona, and last came Jake, Liz, Josh and Charlie from Utah.
One of our Christmas traditions is a hike on Christmas Eve day. This year we went out to Valley of Fire for the hike. This is the Hawaiians, Cass, James and Tru.

Hillari, Me and Lexi.
Our hike was slightly less fun that it would have been, because part of it was under water after the rains we had been having. But it was still fun.

Bampa and Rhys.
Keith got in trouble with Grammy for hiking way too high and dangerous with the kiddos. But he claimed he knew what he was doing, and admittedly, no one got hurt. Guess I am just used to Jeff, who would never let our kids hike higher than 6 ft. (that may be a slight exaggeration, but not much!)

Aren't these two so darn cute! (Rhys and Finley)

The annual sugar cookie decorating extravaganza.

Three cute girls.
There were lots of Ranger Rides.

And lots of trips to the park for some fun.

Liz and Charles.
Josh loved the slides.

A rare picture of Rhys smiling! It's not that he doesn't ever smile, just not for the camera.

Even some of the big kids had fun at the park!
Of course there was lots of good food.

Happy kids

Sad kids
Snuggly kids

Lazy kids - just kidding, nobody was really lazy but you gotta kick back once in awhile.
And the best reinactment of the Christmas story ever! Originally there were not this many adults in the production, but the kids started dropping like flies, so the adults had to fill in. As you can see, we had a busy, fun filled holiday. We love our family and friends so much and were so happy they could all be here with us.