Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catching Up

If we could ever stay home long enough, maybe I could get caught up on posting. This summer has been crazy so far. So here I am finally updating, but it is from clear back in May! Jeff and I were chaperones for Prom on May 8th. It was kind of cool this year, because for the first time it was held at the Treasure Island in Las Vegas.

Here we are in our masks, since it was a masquerade.

Then on May 28th the Keel family reunion was held at Bryce Canyon. Everyone brought their four-wheelers and had fun riding them. In fact, that was all that Josh and Isaac wanted to do was go on "Wanger Wides".

Here are those two cuties  waiting for their next ride.

Dad caught this cute smile from Finley!
Everyone gathered on Saturday for a pot luck dinner together.
Lexi is such a good Tia to her neices and nephews. She loves them all so much, and they love her back!
Grandma and Frank relaxing after dinner. By the way, did I mention that it was FREEZING COLD there? Fortunately I came prepared with coats and sweat shirts! ( I wore both at once).
There was a really cool museum with stuffed animals of all kinds, and lots of butterflies and bugs too. The kids really liked it. This is Jake and Josh.
Lexi and her Dad.
Isaac and his favorite person.
Out in the back they had some deer the kids could feed. They had a blast, but of course one of them bit Isaac's finger and he boobed for awhile. But amazingly he got over it and fed them again.
Cute little Charlie and Finney sharing a chair.
The scenery was so beautiful. This is Keith, Finley and Jeff.
We did a little hiking, which was pretty fun. This is me, Hillari, Liz Isaac and Josh.

More hiking. This is the ones of our family that could come this year.

Me and my honey.
We really had a great time with some of the family. Gone are the days when every single person was at the reunion. Especially our kids, who are scattered far and wide. But it was a wonderful time with those who could make it!