Sunday, November 13, 2011

On to Utah for a Visit

Cassidy wanted to go for a visit to Utah to see Grandma and Grandpa and also visit Jake, Liz, and Lexi before she traveled back to Hawaii.First we stopped at Grandma and Grandpa Quarnberg's and Grandpa took Truman for a ride in his great big tractor, which Tru loved, though he was a little scared at first.

Grandpa has a ranch, and he loves to take the grandkids to see his cows and horses when they visit.

Grandma and Grandpa with Truman.
A favorite picture
On the way to Jake and Liz's we decided to stop at Yuba Dam and see how much water was coming over the spillway, which hadn't happened for 20 or more years, because of the huge spring melt.

The first thing we decided to do after arriving at Jake and Liz's was to go do a tour of the Kennecott copper mine. It was pretty amazing. This picture shows just how huge the tires are on the trucks that are as big as houses that haul the ore up from the bottom of the mine.

The mine is so huge it is mind boggling. You can see the little tiny dots down in the bottom that are the trucks.
Those trucks looks like toys!

Jake, Liz, Josh, and Charlie
Grandpa showing Truman the trucks.
Three little boys needed a bath after spending the day at the copper mine.
The next day, while Jeff and Jake went golfing, we took the boys to Thanksgiving Point Gardens. It was really fun for the boys with lots to do, and really beautiful. Here's Josh and Charlie in the maze we got kinda lost in.

Truman "riding" a bear!

There was a little stream with wooden "boats" for the kids to float down the water. I think they had the most fun here.

Liz helping Josh with his boat.

Cute little Charlie

These two little boys had so much fun!

Then it was off to play in the splash pool.

Tia Lexi read them a bedtime story.
Liz has been wanting to take us to Gardner Village for a long time, so the next day we went there. I loved it! There were so many cute and fun stores. But we soon learned shopping with three little boys is not very fun. I guess their parents already knew this, but I had forgotten. We still had fun though.

We had such a fun time at Jake and Liz's, but all too soon it was time to go. On the way home we stopped again at Mom and Dad's. We had fun taking Truman to the Petting Zoo at Dairy Queen.

We had another little photo session at Mom and Dad's. Their flower garden is always so beautiful.

Right before we left I wanted a picture of Cass and Truman with his Great Grandma and Grandpa.
We decided to make a stop at Grandma Keel's and see if she happened to be there, and to our delight, she was there. She spends most of her time in Oregon and only comes to Utah periodically, so we were glad we got to see her.
We finally spent a few days back at home, and this cute little picture is Truman having a "spit bath" in the kitchen sink.

Swinging in the back yard.

One last Ranger ride.

While Cass was here we wanted to do some sewing and crafting, and we were able to make lots of cute things in the time she was here. We had to utilize Truman's naps and stay up late at night to get our projects done, but we had lots of fun doing it. We tried finishing projects while Truman was around, and it was a disaster. He is a busy little boy and didn't want to be left out of the fun. This is a picture showing some of the fun hot pads, pouches, pin cushions and aprons we made. This cute apron is the one Cass made. Mine wasn't quite finished when we took this picture.
We also tried to exercise together when we could, and started P90X with some friends while Cass was here, when we weren't traveling all over. I really enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed the whole visit, and it was pretty sad and lonely around here when they left to go home. We made some fun memories though, and had a super good time!