Sunday, November 14, 2010

Maui Part II

I really don't like reliving our summer in the middle of November.............makes me wish we were back on Maui! I want to get caught up once and for all and actually post things when they happen. Novel idea.
Here are Cass, James and Truman at the lava tube.

Did I mention how cute this kids is? I love his cute little smile.

I mean, seriously? He was such a joy. Even when he was tired and cranky, he was pretty darn good.

Cute little family on our last day on Maui. We tried to go to one last beach before leaving, but it was way too windy. We flew from Maui to Oahu to spend some time at Cass and James' place.

One of the first things we did was to visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial. We didn't get in to see it when we were there last December, so we made sure to send James down early for tickets. Thanks James! We had seen it years ago when we came to Hawaii in 1985, but wanted to see it again and take our time. We were rather rushed the first time around.

I felt like I was on sacred ground, and indeed I was. If not for some very noisy tourists in our group, the visit would have been very spiritual.
Jeff got to see everything for as long as he wanted. No rushing.
Isn't this a beautiful beach? Luckily Cass and James have learned where the best (and least touristy) beaches are.

I did not want to go kayaking! James and Jeff talked me into it. I thought it would be so scary, but it wasn't! I actually really enjoyed it. There was a little island we went out to and got out to see, but it was volcanic and hurt our bare feet. We kayaked back to shore and let Cass and James go out. They came back and said we needed to take our flip flops and go back out and walk around the island, so we did. There was a little pool on the side of the island that we swam in. We walked all the way around the island and saw lots of birds, since it was a bird preserve, then we decided we better get the kayak back. It was so fun!

On our last day there, we took a walk around Ala Moana before heading to the airport. That's Diamond Head in the background.
We have loved Hawaii since we were there in 1985, and Jeff always said he wanted to go back. Now he is getting his wish. We have fallen in love with the place, and hate to leave.

Of course maybe our not wanting to leave has something to do with this little guy and his parents. Boy do we miss them! But it sure is fun to go visit them. Thanks guys for helping to make this such a memorable trip!