Saturday, March 20, 2010

Life Is Good

A few weeks ago we went to visit Hill and Keith and the kids for the weekend. We had such a great time. We got there on Thursday night, so we were able to go have lunch with Sareny at school on Friday and then Jeff and I each read a story to Sareny's kindergarten class. I couldn't believe how well behaved the kids were. They listened so attentively! Sareny loved being "special" and getting to sit up in front with us. Isaac got kind of shy about it, but he loved it too.

This is the second time we have done this at her class, and it really is fun because it makes her so happy.

Of course Jeff and Keith went golfing after that, so we went to my favorite store, Hobby Lobby, also known as Hob Lob, and found cool stuff and lovely fabric. I bought some ribbon so we could make Finley and Sareny these adorable hair thingys. They are such sweet sisters.

Cute little Finney.

Sareny, with her cute little gap-tooth grin.

But then tragedy struck and Isaac got hurt. Here he is getting some lovin' and attention from Grammy after his mishap. He had to snuggle for quite awhile before he got over it.

Let me just say that it is virtually impossible to get a picture of these three where all of them have "eyes open, hair neat, expressions pleasant" so this one is a keeper even though Fin was wanting out of there.

Saturday we took the kids to the zoo and spent the whole day there seeing all the sights. The kids loved it. Sareny and Isaac rode their bikes around the zoo, which was really nice. It was amazing that Isaac, our resident couch potato, rode his the whole day!

Hill was trying to be the papparazzi and hid behind a tree to capture this famous couple..........

The above explanation about trying to capture happy smiles on everyone's faces (especially at the end of the day) applies here as well. Finley is fixated on some problem with her shoe and Isaac looks like he wants to cry. Contrary to how this appears, they had lots of fun!

Isaac would not ride his bike unless someone walked along and held on to his jacket. I think he was paranoid about going out of control on the slight hills. Funny kid.

The end of a fun, but long day at the zoo! What cute little kiddos.

Sunday we went to Church and had dinner, then headed home, even though Sareny begged us to stay. But then she remembered that Zander was coming over to play on Monday, so all was well! We had a fun trip and are already wondering when we can go again!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Wall of Fame

On February 19th Jeff was inducted into the new "Basketball Wall of Fame" at MVHS, along with his good friend Gary "Batch" Batchelor. As the first to be inducted, they were honored with a plaque and a short life sketch during half time of the boys basketball game for their contributions to MVHS sports programs.
Jeff with Assistant Principal, Hal Mortensen, Athletic Director, Matt Messer, and Principal, Grant Hanevold.

Jeff has coached and taught at MVHS for 36 years, coaching boys basketball for 32 of those years, and he is still assisting with coaching football and boys and girls track. I know I am bragging a little, but I'm pretty proud of my hubby. He led the Pirate basketball team to six straight appearances in the state championship game, winning the title in 2003. He's been basketball coach of the year for the Southern AAA Conference seven times, and the Nevada Coach of the Year twice. He was the girls track coach when they won three state championships and two runners-up, and was named Coach of the Year five times. He was assistant boys track coach when they won seven consecutive state championships. He has been on the coaching staff of nine football state championships while being the defensive coordinator. Jake's senior year he was coached by his Dad in football, basketball and track! I don't know if he loved it, but I know Jeff did. He still loves teaching and coaching after all these years, and you can only imagine how sore my backside is from cheering him on from the bleachers for 36 years!

Jeff and Gary coached together for at least 21 years, give or take, and taught together even longer than that, and Jeff has nothing but respect for Batch. You couldn't have found two better men to honor.
Congratulations to my sweetheart of almost 37 years!