Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Toy

Sadly I am very behind on posts, so here is a picture of Jeff with OUR (he thinks it's just his) new toy.
Ordinarily I wouldn't agree to buying such an expensive toy, but I pondered it for awhile and here's the thing: those of you who know us well know that Jeff has driven the same truck for 25 years, (he still drives it when needed) then graduated to the 1973 VW Bug that Cass had used for driving around town before she left home, THEN we inherited back the 15 year old car that the kids had driven into the ground during their college years and he has taken to driving that. We usually only have one nice, reliable vehicle at a time, which he always lets me drive. So my point is, if he wants to buy an expensive toy, I think he's earned it. Besides, we live in an area where we can enjoy this a lot. We have gone on some pretty cool rides already, and we are just starting to learn of all the fun places and trails there are around here so it is something we can do together. We are at a time in our lives when we enjoy doing things together and this will be one of the things we can share.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

8 Things

Linds tagged me awhile ago, but we've been on vacation (more on that later!) and so I am just getting around to it. Here goes:

8 TV shows I love:
Well.........this is a hard one. I am sure there are not 8 TV shows that I love. We watch stuff like the travel channel or discovery and SPORTS, or rather Jeff watches and I read or something. I REFUSE to watch "Deadliest Catch". But here are some that I like, when I can get control of the clicker for a minute.
1. Biggest Losers
2. American Idol
3. Reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond
4. King of Queens
5. Everything on HGTV
6. What Not To Wear
All I can think of for now........

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Fixed scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast
2. Embroidered a dish towel
3. Traveled home from Phoenix and brought Isaac and Sareny home with us
4. Took Isaac potty in every nasty bathroom between here and Phoenix
5. Took Isaac and Sareny for a ride on the Ranger (They loved it!)
6. Took Isaac and Sareny to the store (hate those awkward "car" shopping carts)
7. Had a hotdog roast in the back yard
8. Made S'Mores with Sareny (best thing I did yesterday!)

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Cheesecake Factory
2. Macaroni Grill
3. Chipotle
4. Katherine's
5. Memphis Barbeque
6. Up-Chuck-A-Rama (ha ha, that one's a joke because I am running out of real ones..........)
7. Cafe Rio
8. Los Lupes

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Family Reunion in K-Town
2. Trip to San Diego
3. Trip to Athens, Georgia to visit Holli, John and Rhys
4. Going to Hawaii when Cass has the baby
5. Jake and Liz having their new little one
6. Spending Christmas in Hawaii with Cass, James, Lexi, and Jeff
7. Just relaxing at home
8. Having the month of July off of work!!!!!!!

8 Things On My Wish List:
1. Health and Safety for my Family
2. Getting the basement redone
3. A nice back yard
4. An island in my kitchen
5. A new Volkswagon Bug
6. To lose 25 pounds
7. More time to relax and enjoy what I do have
8. Spend more time with Mom and Dad

8 People I tag:
Lacy J.
Jake and Liz
Debbie C.
Lana H.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Happiest Place On Earth!

Well, I can't postpone it any longer. I must do my Disneyland post and get it over with. I just dread doing long posts because it takes forever to download all the pics. For everyone's sake, I will try to keep it to a minimum. We went to Dis in April, but so much has been happening, I never got the post done. Here's a little flashback picture, since I haven't done a "The Way We Were" blog for so long. This is me on our honeymoon in August of 1973. Not sure who the girl is who is trying to get in the picture and steal my thunder. How about those bell bottoms, huh?
The first thing we did on this trip was go to the beach.

Lexi and Finley

We took the kids for a walk along the pier. It wasn't the best beach day......kind of windy and cold.

Next day it was off to the Land!
No Dis trip would be complete without a picture in front of Small World.
The teacups make for a cute picture, but that's about it. I do not ride on them, unless of course everyone wants to see me throw up...........
Me, Lexi and Hillari at Tarzan's Tree House, which they ruined and should have left as the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.
Just happened upon good ol' Woody, much to Isaac's delight.
Guess this is the last time Sareny will be enthralled with the Princesses, since she discovered they weren't real shortly after our trip............
I bought Sareny and Isaac each a hat. Sareny insisted on the Princess one with Mickey ears, which I tried to talk her out of, and which shortly after this picture ended up permanently wadded somewhere in the stroller. Isaac however, loved his. I think Sareny did too, but hers was just to hard to keep on her head while pushin' and a shovin'.
You gotta love A Bug's Life! Sareny made me hold her during it because she knew something creepy was going to happen if she sat in her own chair.
This little girl was good as could be.
Love this little boy!
We always do Fantasyland. Very nostalgic.
Me and my Baby!
We had a great time, and are already planning our next trip! Good thing Mom and Dad don't read blogs because they would be having a fit about now. Hopefully next time more of our kids can go with us!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spring Break - Part II

So I never finished the Spring Break or Disneyland blogs, and everyone else has already blogged about them, but I really want to document them on mine in case I ever get a book made. So here is the rest of the Spring Break story. Bear with me, as it is kind of lengthy. As you recall, Cass came to visit, and we surprised her at the airport with a visit from Holli as well.

Then Hillari and her kids got here, and then Jake, Liz, and Josh and finally Lexi. Here are the three biggest kiddos watching TV.
Sareny had a birthday in march, so we celebrated her birthday a little late.

She got a scooter from Grammy Jo and Bampa, which she loved!

Yes, sometimes these cute little grandkids wear us right out!
On Saturday before we headed to the fair, we had a baby shower for Cassidy. (She's due in August) Lizzie came up with the idea for a "Beach Bum" themed shower, and it was really cute and lots of fun.
This was the cute Beach Bum centerpiece Lizzie made. All were fun beach gifts for the new baby boy. Thanks Liz for all the help with the shower. Hillari also made the cutest cake with a beach scene, but I don't know if I got a picture of it. Sorry Hill. But thanks for staying up late and making such a cute cake.

While everyone was here we went to the fair. Cute little Rhys had fun.

And so did Finley. Here she is in Bampa's hat.
A fun day was had by all.

Next came Joshie's belated birthday present from Grammy and Bampa. (A Thomas the Train set)

Of course we had to color Easter Eggs!

Then came the big highlight of the weekend..........the Easter Egg Hunt! The kids had so much fun, and it was so cute to watch them!

My favorite picture of the weekend! Love these kiddos!

On Sunday, Lexi's birthday, we had a little party for her.

Sareny was so cute and gave Lexi her prized "frume" and a pencil and made a cute card. What a sacrifice!
My beautiful girls, all but Lizzie who had already left for home when we took this picture. They are ALL beautiful.
Everyone else left, and it was just Holli, Rhys and Cass for a couple of days. We had a fun little lunch out on the patio.
My fav picture of Rhys.
So hard to say goodbye to Cass at the airport! I love this tender picture of Cass and her Dad.

Goofy picture we took ourselves right before Holli and Rhys left for Georgia.

I love all my kids and grandkids so much and was thankful to have them all here for a visit. Wish we could do this more often!